Only So Much

‘Where the hell is she?’


Dad’s hand smacked into my cheek.

Tears stung. I stood my ground.

‘This’ll kill your mother.’

I couldn’t stop the twitch on my lips.

‘Bloody funny, is it? I don’t think so.’

His fist sent me reeling and I fell against the kitchen unit. He knocked me senseless. I don’t know how long I was out but I came round to his grotesque face in mine. Gasping he managed ‘bloody loser’ before he slumped over me.

I heaved him away.

His eyes stared lifelessly, dead as the hearts he’d always abused.

I managed a laugh.

‘You’ve lost this one.’


Read and Vote Weekly eBook via @AdHocFiction Only So Much on page 3 is mine – please take a look and vote if you like it. Thank you.

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