First day allowed out together in the car since lockdown.

  IMG_4809The landscape has not changed. Only the season. When disaster struck, winter was weaving to its end. Fifty-six days have passed. Total isolation. Familiar faces seen only on screens.
Today I am driving through lush, green orchards. Winter rains quenched the land’s thirst. The farmers, unable to tend their fields, gave permission for the grasses to grow, the wild flowers to flourish. The view is stunning.
Yellows and mauves intersperse a myriad shades of green, through tawny to gold. Some pinks dare to show a head as the breeze creates a rippling sea.
Further up in the hills, the only sounds are the birds as they call out in the stillness. Milky butterflies, and occasionally a red and black, do what they do best – flutter through the grasses, stopping briefly at the wild broom and clusters of thistles.
The tiny hamlet of Los Dioses nestles below, not a vehicle or person in sight.
This is a new beginning. The earth is healing Perhaps it was meant to. Among the sadness, which is immense, the world is breathing again.IMG_4805

© May 11th 2020 Christine Nedahl