All Hallows’ Eve

It’s Halloween of ‘21
and witches are a’riding,
soaring high cross cragged hills
and dipping low through shallow dales.
Cackling laughter on hooley winds
and boney hands clutching tight
to besoms winging through the night.
Children point as they trick or treat
and parents smile and say
‘a falling star’ dearest child.
But youngsters know what they see
flapping capes, pointed hats,
cats and bats, frogs and rats
hitching rides on brooms bewitched
super powers bestowed tonight.
Windows beam with Jack O’Lanterns
keeping watch until the dawn.
Spider webs, slimy goo,
ghostly whispers, spectre shrieks.
In scary graveyards
tombs release the dead.
Zombies, ghouls, vampires
all abroad this night
hocus pocus far and wide!

© Chris Nedahl October 31st 2021

Classroom Costumes

The classroom door opens fast.

Who am I Miss, behind this mask?

Can you guess or must I tell?

Who is the Dracula, Count from Hell?

Who is the Frankenstein, bat or banshee,

skull or hag or bony shell?

Guess, guess, take your choice,

the children shout with one voice.

Teacher shivers, a scary time.

She knows them all, each guise benign.

All but one, who can it be?

Where is the clue, what is the sign?

Finger beckoning she calls the child.

A tiny peak beyond the veil

reveals the truth, quickens the pace –

beneath the mask there is no face!

© November 2007 Chris Nedahl

October 21st 1966

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Deathly hands moved
too quickly forward
ticking towards
Oh that time might
have reversed.
Oh that time might
never have reached
that fated moment
nine thirteen on
the darkest morning.
in a second.
lives lost,
those left behind
to suffer
living hell.
Children playing,
happy sounds,
grate on bereaved
minds unable
to voice pain
coping only
in agonising
words snared
in cobweb thoughts.
may destroy what
sanity remains.

© Chris Nedahl October 21st 2021