All Hallows’ Eve

It’s Halloween of ‘21
and witches are a’riding,
soaring high cross cragged hills
and dipping low through shallow dales.
Cackling laughter on hooley winds
and boney hands clutching tight
to besoms winging through the night.
Children point as they trick or treat
and parents smile and say
‘a falling star’ dearest child.
But youngsters know what they see
flapping capes, pointed hats,
cats and bats, frogs and rats
hitching rides on brooms bewitched
super powers bestowed tonight.
Windows beam with Jack O’Lanterns
keeping watch until the dawn.
Spider webs, slimy goo,
ghostly whispers, spectre shrieks.
In scary graveyards
tombs release the dead.
Zombies, ghouls, vampires
all abroad this night
hocus pocus far and wide!

© Chris Nedahl October 31st 2021

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