Diet Class

I’m sitting among the ladies
and a gentleman rotund,
shapes and sizes various,
common factor…one.
Warm weather fast approaches,
golden beaches in the sun.
Can’t inflict our ample bodies
on the populous, everyone.
Vicki will get us sorted,
of that we have no doubt,
as we sip our skinny lattes
and nervously think back
to that stolen yummy pastry
or cheeky take-away
we convinced ourselves
would never show
when standing on the scale.
With trepidation, foot by foot,
holding breath until it settles,
we see the needle tremor
as it teases and unnerves.
We really know the answer –
payback for taste buds’ brief delight
is a kilo, if we’re lucky,
deposited on our frames.
Members commiserate
each with the other
and promise patient Vicki
we will try so much harder
in the face of cakes and biccies.
We pledge to show who is the boss
when next week the dreaded scales
WILL record a loss!

© Chris Nedahl 2019  


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