Writers Abroad – a new anthology.

Cover image courtesy of Pete Armstrong.

It is with great delight Writers Abroad, an established online international writing group, shares news of a forthcoming publication. Our sixth anthology, Far Flung: Celebrating a Decade at Writers Abroad is now available in digital format on pre-order with a publication date of October 31st.
This anthology is a treasure trove of contributions from around the globe provided by current and past members of this successful community of expat writers.
The seed of an idea to celebrate ten years of friendship, creativity, and achievement has blossomed into a diverse medley of writing. Wide-ranging in more ways than one this collection showcases countless experiences of those who left familiar lands to venture into an exciting unknown. For many, new lands have become home. For others, it is just a pleasant interlude along life’s journey.
During this trying year when travelling for pleasure has been almost impossible, Writers Abroad members, old and new, spanning every continent, have collaborated to produce an anthology offering ‘far flung’ destinations to our readers. Writers Abroad has tried to provide something for everyone within the covers of this exciting anthology.
To all who enjoy the written word it is hoped you will take as much pleasure from this collection as Writers Abroad took in its compilation.
Writers Abroad is proud to have the foreword written by the prestigious author Peter May.
Far Flung will be available in paperback on November 14th at £4.99 and all proceeds will go to World Literacy: http://worldliteracyfoundation.org/. Please buy for your personal enjoyment and also as a gift with a difference this Christmas.
You will have a wonderful read and be helping to enable literacy and giving the pure joy of reading to some of the poorest children in the world.
Pre-order: Amazon
For more information please visit: https://writersabroad.com/

Below, Writers Abroad members present and past – collage courtesy of John Nixon.

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